Join Turg and Randy Z as they highlight their journey while focusing on the career choices they’ve made and…

Randy tricks Turg into starting the episode and thus the world will never know the best intro to ever hit the Talk Thirty to Me archives. Turg buys Hamilton tickets and spends too much. Randy hires a “hood” contractor and explains why he’s temporarily given up on the housing market and his dream of owning a home. Randy explains his room remodel and why he needed a “hood” contractor. Turg reflects on why the “hood” contractor is such a significant part of our society and how the events of someone’s life resonate into their future and into the lives of others.

You might not always get to choose where you land; you might just be a victim of circumstance.


Join Turg and Randy Z as they continue the discussion surrounding the essence of finding one’s purpose in life as, this week, they take on Turg’s story, from origin to status as well as…

Turg and his family do Disneyland. Was it a good trip? Was it another version of the Summer Las Vegas trip from 2016? So Turg wants to be famous. Randy doesn’t see Turg as a limelight kind of guy and questions his motivation. Randy says engineering is straightforward – he clearly doesn’t know engineers. Turg talks college changes and personality developments and his hardcore gaming addiction that nearly got him kicked out of UC Riverside.


Join Turg and Randy Z as they talk start the show in a tardy fashion due to Randy's misadventures in LAX and his insatiable appetite along with a conversation focused on identifying with one's purpose that will lead you deeper into the life of the magnificent Randy Z and...How Turg and Randy plan on pushing new "street worthy" curriculum at the USC Medical School. Turg introduces the importance of the month of May. Why Randy wanted to be a trash man when he grew up. How Turg planned on becoming famous when he grew up. Randy discusses how different famous was then versus now. Mandy Moore makes an appearance on the show, in name alone. Turg tries to put fame in the modern day perspective and how these perceptions change us as we grow into or older selves. Why Randy shifted his focus from trash man to singer to doctor purely because of the impact of the movie La Bamba on his life.


Join Turg and Randy Z as they power through another listener question that addresses the expectations and characteristics of being in your thirties and…

Why is being comfortable in your own skin so difficult. Why would you ever let your partner dictate what you do? Should you love someone for where they are at and who they are, rather than what they have the potential to become? Why would someone you “love” make you forget your old self. Randy challenges Turg’s alleged reneging of a particular comment that needs some research. The guys revisit Randy’s baby talking ex-girlfriends and how, for some including Randy, this is an intolerable characteristic. In relationships, you need to know your expectations at thirty.


Join Turg and Randy as they wrap up the Fuck Millennials discussion with the pinnacle of topics: shallowness and…why the guys use American Gladiators to kick off the show, Randy drops a nugget of truth and wisdom in saying whoever can sustain the longest wins the rat race of life, discover the guys favorite American Gladiator events. The guys continue discussing how social media is contributing greatly to the increase of shallow behavior among the general population, how the Millennial push for more media and more information is killing confidence. And more!


As a generation Millennials are straight up selfish beings.

Randy thinks Millennials are just straight up flakes and why flaking is a sign of Millennial selfishness.. Turg thinks that Millennial flakiness is not just an expectation, it's a part of Millennial behaviors. Do other Millennials expect this behavior from their fellow Millennial friends?  The guys discuss the latest blog post - Dating in Your 30s: Why You Should Date "More than One" to Find "The One" - and how it really captures the Millennial spirit in that it defines the shift away from more of a settling mentality to more of an individual awareness. So, the guys discuss how selfish might actually not be a bad thing as now the individual spirit is more important than the professional spirit. When it comes to companies investing in their people, Turg and Randy think this symbolizes the downfall of the "company person" mentality. Turg thinks this gives rise to more entrepreneurial mindset. Randy says Turg isn't properly defining the true "entrepreneur". Randy refuses to join the dark side in agreeing with Turgs definition and argues small business is way different than entrepreneur. Randy feels that entrepreneurs are, in fact, true contributors to societal problems and aren't - as Turg argues - selfish. Tune in for more!


This week, Turg and Randy take on the second of a four episode series discussing the perceptions surrounding the Millennial generation, in specific...

As a generation are we lazy, or do we just get a bad rap?

Turg doesn't feel like doing this episode. Randy explains why he used to show up to job interviews in his workout clothes. Turg and Randy discuss why our inability to find stable employment may be perceived initiative. Initiative takes different forms, but the reality is undermined by the perception. The job market has been officially wrecked by the power of the Internet. Why Turg quitting his job, cold-turkey, could have been perceived as lazy or unmotivated. Do Millennials lack the proper characteristics of previously successful generations?

Millennials might actually be their own worst enemy when it comes to getting "unstuck" in life. Do Millennials lack the confidence to help them break out from the spiral of laziness? Are Millennials setting themselves up for failure by setting expectations that are too lofty to help keep them motivated to achieve more? How does one understand they're investing their time wisely to help them succeed and not maintain the perception of being lazy? Turg discusses his need for validation in order to know his journey is on track. Can the need for validation or affirmation of what we do come off as being too needy or entitled?

Turg makes the argument that the effort might be neglected when looking at the Millennial generation through the magnifying lens.

When the effort is overlooked, the perception might be that, instead of being seen hardworking, Millennials are lazy. Randy argues maybe Millennials are not putting enough time into what is expected in order to be seen as "hard working" and not lazy or entitled. Why does eating organic translate to being lazy? Turg and Randy talk about how eating Organic or being a Vegan takes work and the effort is too much for a lot of Millennials. Turg thinks Millennials are lazy since a lot of them just tend to opt out of eating Organic. Randy invokes the power of his Millennial paranoia and Turg says fuck it.


Millennials and their sense of entitlement. Is it a warranted perception?

The guys plan to use this very pronounced theme of perception versus reality throughout the next few weeks as they discuss topics that involve the key societal characteristics of the Millennial generation as society dictates. Self-esteem plays a major role in the Millennial struggle. Society often paints Millennials as overconfident or arrogant in many ways. Randy discusses how he took classes as a kid to help reinforce his self-esteem. Additionally, Turg and Randy speak to perception as a reality because of how society reinforces these seemingly negative identities. Why Turg was straight up told he was too arrogant during a job interview. Randy touches on how being the jack of all trades is often times seen as a negative. Randy reveals that he was terrified of the self-esteem puppets as a child.

Next, the guys discuss the negative impact of excess on the Millennial generation. How information overload and too many options plays into weakening the Millennial mindset and collective unification. Why excess serves to divide rather than unite. Why having an excess of hobbies and options may be a bad thing. And is news overload corrupting our minds? Turg accuses Randy of being an agent of the fake news media. The Donald Trump-Sean Spicer connection rears its ugly head. Turg wishes he could be a little bit taller, wishes he could be a baller, and hints that he might have an agenda behind the types of company he keeps. Randy gets mad at the entrepreneur/small business relationship. The guys discuss why Millennials over-emphasize the need for validation and why this may be a product of the generational lack of self-confidence.

Turg and Randy discuss how Millennials are perceived as under-performers because of their ability to work less and get more done.

Randy calls Turg out for identifying as a Millennial. How hared experiences bond the Millennial generation whether people identify as Millennials or not. Why actual success may be limited by the perception of success and this may force more Millennials into the entrepreneurial route. And maybe the entrepreneurial-success correlation to a lack of economic stimulus.

Finally, Turg and Randy define success and how it is perceived by the Millennial generation. Randy perceives Turg as a company man and Turg explains that he is economically, spiritually, and emotionally fulfilled at his current employer. Next, Turg discusses how being a father of two really influences his decision making now more than ever. Randy explains how the priorities and focus shifts as each year goes by and why success seems to take on a different meaning beyond thirty.


Turg and Randy Z are back and in business with a new episode to end a series of listener questions surrounding relationships and what to do when you become the master of your own demise. But first, they discuss...

Randy getting stuck in DC. Why Southwest is garbage. The benefits of traveling carry-on only. Why planes are constantly falling out of the sky. Why Randy forgets his flight was cancelled. Randy watches Get Out and shares his thoughts. The guys discuss zombies. Turg hates the Randy “wow” remark and cracks the “wow” code. Randy’s car gets keyed. Turg raises his street cred. Meteorologists are just well-dressed snake oil salesmen. Turg reflects on the previous episode and the missed opportunities. Turg issues a mea culpa for missing some developmental details from last week’s discussion about compromise in relationships.

The guys bridge the topics from last week to this week when they discuss how one would be able to identify that their partner is holding them back. Making change on your own to benefit the relationship, is it actually effective? Seeking advice and an objective opinion is a weakness many share. Why Randy can’t put up with bullshit anymore. Defense mechanisms and why Turg decides to “manbash”. How often have you asked yourself “Am I the problem”? Reflecting on your own folly; self-diagnosing your own mistakes.

This time the guys ask the difficult questions about when relationships breakdown like…

when do you draw the line on relationship strain? How much emotional dependence should one derive from a relationship? Should a relationship be your sole source of fulfillment? When someone else needs you too much, what do you do? How about when someone doesn’t need you at all, how do you approach that situation? Why giving too much of yourself is not a healthy relationship goal. How do we know we are giving too much? Why emotional stability can be derived from many sources – and when it fails to fulfill you within your relationship.

Finally, the guys address relationship nuance – do you stay or do you go; how and when do you decide after the relationship has been derailed? Why people stay for selfish reasons. How many don’t realize their relationship has been failing and refuse to cut ties for whatever reason keeps them in check. Why we often over-invest in relationships and fear pulling away. And can we ever make the right decision when it comes to cutting ties?


This week, Turg and Randy discuss the new album by Jidenna and using the themes surrounding this powerful freshman release, including…

Pursuing relationships post-breakup, getting invited to the ex’s wedding, why a relationship in retrospect brings a lot of unnecessary anxiety into the fray, why the 20s relationship mentality will only set you up for failure in your 30s, prioritizing relationship goals and career goals – which comes first and can we live with the decisions we make, why we always look to the past for sorrow, when do you take the next step in discussing your future with your significant other, day dream relationship standing versus actual relationship standing, how society dictates the way we interpret our roles and expectations in a relationship, holding on - readjusting in a relationship to just make it work.

The guys also debate how sabotaging relationships to by neglecting the basic needs of a relationship to survive is a reality in most of our lives. The mentality behind how a relationship is constructed – and at the same time deconstructed – because of where we are in our lives at the time the relationship.

Turg goes on to discuss how he almost sabotaged his own relationship by incorrectly applying the old saying, “Happy wife happy life” to his own life by letting things get out of control. Then the guys wrap up the discussion by addressing how what Turg did may have been the wrong approach to a way toward achieving compromise. Turg and Randy debate the varying perspectives around the selfless and selfish approach to relationships, how marriage changes everything and why you cannot assume you will maintain the same expectations throughout, how Turg and Randy view the varying perspectives behind compromise in a relationship when a relationship is in trouble, why divorce and breakups are dramatically different when perceived by others, Randy discusses the ‘Come back tour” and why revisiting relationships is a bad idea, how Randy tries to identify with his mistakes in past relationships and he reflects on why we miss opportunities based on contributions to the relationship, why reflecting on a relationship and focusing on the duality of energy makes a difference in successes and failures in relationships, how settling for a relationship that just doesn’t work is a failures mentality, how a Justin Timberlake reference makes an appearance on the show and why it’s relevant, why failure in relationships is the reality of the world in which we live, how a Talladega Nights reference makes an appearance on the show and how it’s actually relevant to Turg reaching hard to make a point, and how the guys wrap by getting back to heated debates around percentages.


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