Join Turg and Randy Z as they explore the first of many topics found in the Netflix Original Series "Master of None" as they start off with Season Two Episode One focusing on the main theme of missed connections and find out why the conversation doesn't always start off with anything relevant to the production notes because...

What’s in a wedding anyway?

Randy entertains a memory about a bachelor party and missing an opportunity to meet a girl who called herself “Undertity”. Turg shares his experience being a part of a wedding party as a married man. What’s so different, you ask? Keep listening to find out – Dick Chicken makes an appearance on the show as antics ensue. Also, find out why a bridesmaid knows a little too much about what she thinks goes on at bachelor parties. Randy gets real - so you're at a wedding and you meet someone you really hit it off with - but you forget to grab the contact information.


Join Turg and Randy Z are visited again by their guest Obioma Okonko -  entrepreneur and co-founder of the Teachers Lounge 90210 in Los Angeles - as they discuss career changes in your thirties and they discover how starting over for Millennials is a lot more common than they thought as well as…

We finally learn about our guest Obi and what makes him so unique. Obi shares his journey throughout his career and helps us learn more about his endeavors from teaching to IT to teaching professionals how to use new systems.

How do you take advice? Did you get advice growing up that helped you change the course of your future?

Obi talks about how he set up a business focused on helping college students navigate their finances through their journey to graduation. Turg, Randy and Obi discuss how advice is taken when we’re younger and how you never learn by hearing – you learn by doing. Randy thinks it all depends on the strength of that advice that helps send the message across.


Talk Thirty to Me Episode Thirty: The Art of Ghosting

Join Turg and Randy Z and their guest Obioma Okonko -  entrepreneur and co-founder of the Teachers Lounge 90210 in Los Angeles - as they address the most hot button topic in the dating world for those romantics and realists alike - Ghosting - as well as...

Have you ever been ghosted? Did you even know you were ghosted?

Ghosting is the art of backing out of a relationship without telling the other person you're intentions. So the guys argue that Millennial generation are the culprits of ghost-style communication when it comes to relationships. Turg argues this is the absolute most fucked up someone can be toward another person. Closure is important for humans and emotional stability. How do you improve without closure?

Turg thinks there are two scenarios behind ghosting, but Randy says there are more. Tune in to join the conversation!


Join Turg and Randy Z and their guest Obioma Okonko -  entrepreneur and co-founder of the Teachers Lounge 90210 in Los Angeles - as they circle back to relationships and dating in your 30s, a painfully insightful way to either make or break your confidence as you enter the adult world also...

Serial monogamy -  is this even a thing?

We're sure you've already read  How to Date Multiple People the Smart Way, by Kristen Lem posted on the blog a few weeks back. Turg, Randy and Obi get to contrasting the overwhelming themes of an adult relationship at thirty and whether or not dating monogamy now is even worth it anymore.  Dating casually in your 20s versus your 30s is a lot more different because of the loneliness factor. Obi and Randy discuss how loneliness can lead into a feeling of confusion for the serial daters out there. The group redefines what the  expectations are now at 30.


Join Turg and Randy Z as they debate and discuss the cultural impact of a redefining of culture in every form and how Millennials have been directly responsible for the changes we observe in our culture today as well as...

How have millennials redefined the culture for their generation?

Why Randy tries to be a part of Turg’s culture. Turg and Randy debate redefining versus adjusting culture and the differences that separate the two schools of thought. The rate of the consumption of information has transformed the rate at which a culture shifts or changes. The guys discuss how Millennials are the reason why Trump (Forty-Five) was elected president. Influencers are now leading major decisions that affect our culture as Americans.

The Trump Effect has forever influenced the future of politics.

Turg and Randy discuss why government has been changing the way people view culture because of the heavy influence they carry in reshaping culture – a new perspective that was not always the focus of government. Randy asks Turg is he still believes that government must fail to succeed for future generations. The globalization of the American culture has been sparked by tragedy. Now that the damage was done we have directly forced homegrown influence to develop more negative overtones.


Join Turg and Randy Z as they highlight their journey while focusing on the career choices they’ve made and…

Randy tricks Turg into starting the episode and thus the world will never know the best intro to ever hit the Talk Thirty to Me archives. Turg buys Hamilton tickets and spends too much. Randy hires a “hood” contractor and explains why he’s temporarily given up on the housing market and his dream of owning a home. Randy explains his room remodel and why he needed a “hood” contractor. Turg reflects on why the “hood” contractor is such a significant part of our society and how the events of someone’s life resonate into their future and into the lives of others.

You might not always get to choose where you land; you might just be a victim of circumstance.


Join Turg and Randy Z as they continue the discussion surrounding the essence of finding one’s purpose in life as, this week, they take on Turg’s story, from origin to status as well as…

Turg and his family do Disneyland. Was it a good trip? Was it another version of the Summer Las Vegas trip from 2016? So Turg wants to be famous. Randy doesn’t see Turg as a limelight kind of guy and questions his motivation. Randy says engineering is straightforward – he clearly doesn’t know engineers. Turg talks college changes and personality developments and his hardcore gaming addiction that nearly got him kicked out of UC Riverside.


Join Turg and Randy Z as they talk start the show in a tardy fashion due to Randy's misadventures in LAX and his insatiable appetite along with a conversation focused on identifying with one's purpose that will lead you deeper into the life of the magnificent Randy Z and...How Turg and Randy plan on pushing new "street worthy" curriculum at the USC Medical School. Turg introduces the importance of the month of May. Why Randy wanted to be a trash man when he grew up. How Turg planned on becoming famous when he grew up. Randy discusses how different famous was then versus now. Mandy Moore makes an appearance on the show, in name alone. Turg tries to put fame in the modern day perspective and how these perceptions change us as we grow into or older selves. Why Randy shifted his focus from trash man to singer to doctor purely because of the impact of the movie La Bamba on his life.


Join Turg and Randy Z as they power through another listener question that addresses the expectations and characteristics of being in your thirties and…

Why is being comfortable in your own skin so difficult. Why would you ever let your partner dictate what you do? Should you love someone for where they are at and who they are, rather than what they have the potential to become? Why would someone you “love” make you forget your old self. Randy challenges Turg’s alleged reneging of a particular comment that needs some research. The guys revisit Randy’s baby talking ex-girlfriends and how, for some including Randy, this is an intolerable characteristic. In relationships, you need to know your expectations at thirty.


Join Turg and Randy as they wrap up the Fuck Millennials discussion with the pinnacle of topics: shallowness and…why the guys use American Gladiators to kick off the show, Randy drops a nugget of truth and wisdom in saying whoever can sustain the longest wins the rat race of life, discover the guys favorite American Gladiator events. The guys continue discussing how social media is contributing greatly to the increase of shallow behavior among the general population, how the Millennial push for more media and more information is killing confidence. And more!


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