The Sankeyz Story

Join Turg and Randy Z as they sit down with the controversial Producer of Talk Thirty To Me - Jonathan "Sankeyz" Sanchez and discuss the coming of age story that will bring a once unheard and arguably fresh perspective into the fray that will forever change the way that the guys discuss anything ever again on the show. The one who doesn't speak, now speaks. Hear what he has to say


Join Turg and Randy Z as they walk down memory lane and recap the past two years of the Talk Thirty To Me podcast - the high's and the low's, the positives and the negatives, the hidden motifs, ideas that didn't quite make the show, some behind the scenes banter, and all of the in-between moments that weren't really transparent throughout the entire run of the show and...


How have Turg and Randy have learned, loved, and grown from the show?


Join Turg and Randy Z as they prepare for colder weather, hot cocoa, and - of course - the holiday season and discuss the significance of coping with the changing attitudes toward the holidays that comes with getting further along in their 30s and the dynamics of food, family, football and "fun" and...

Join Turg and Randy Z as they prepare for colder weather, hot cocoa, and - of course - the holiday season and discuss the significance of coping with the changing attitudes toward the holidays that comes with getting further along in their 30s and the dynamics of food, family, football and "fun" and...


How has the perception of the holidays changed now that age factors into mindset?

Turg discusses how the holidays are no longer just about family and good times - they're all about Star Wars. Redefining how we view the holidays is a major part of getting older - especially for the Millennial generation. Learning to see things from different perspectives, might help realign the traditional mindset behind the so-called "Holiday Spirit", however it might not help identify why someone stops celebrating all together. 


Join Turg and Randy Z as they dissect the importance of mental health in our 30s since being 30 comes with the increased focus on career success, the shifting priorities that include new family obligations and substantial changes in schedules and overall aspirations 


Is taking a break from the normalcy of life necessary?

Turg gets selfish and talks about his recent vacation and what it felt like to truly step away and disconnect. He feels that this helped him recharge and connect with his wife and gave him a renewed appreciation for the things in his life. Randy talks about how he still gets awesome paid vacations - just like back in college. These are the kinds of opportunities that keep us refreshed and drive our optimal performance throughout every aspect of our lives. Step back and take a breath; Turg talks about the contrast between ambitions and relaxation and how they cannot co-exist in the world in which we live. Randy identifies this reality, but doesn't observe this mindset as it is not a viable way of maintaining his lifestyle.


Join Turg and Randy Z as they talk about the constant need to be labeled as something - or someone - by society and the lack of self-identification that comes with being 30 in a world that never seemed ready to accept things as they came; a society that helped create a problem, but offer no ways on how to fix it...and...


What helps identify a good parent versus a bad parent? 

Turg talks about his recent trip abroad and leaving his kids behind to have some time with the wife. Turg explains how they missed their daughters first birthday to take an extended vacation and how it was difficult for his wife to accept. Randy mentions how some reasons for missing a birthday might be acceptable, Turg thinks it really wouldn't make a difference and that it's difficult for him to identify as a parent, which made the decision easier for him to make. Being a parent doesn't always have to define you.


Join Turg and Randy Z as they sit down with their guest – Markus Allen, life hacker extraordinaire – and crack open the secrets of how to master financial success, wage war against a credit system that is waged against us and as they dismiss some of the major myth of the antiquated credit system and...


Why are the fiscal habits we develop in our 20s carry over to our 30s?

Turg continues the discussion from the last episode – Millennials suck at finances. After discussing life events and how they impact finances, the time has come to discuss more long term financial setbacks. Millennials aren’t nearly as proactive with finances as other generations. Turg says that building financial goals helps bridge the gap here, but Millennials just don’t seem to care.


Join Turg and Randy Z as they discuss the importance of knowing how to properly manage finances at 30 and the many shortcomings of the Millennial generation in properly executing well-managed finances and...

Really, why do Millennials suck at managing finances?

Turg discusses how the American higher-education system has been failing generations for decades, yet nothing gets done. The biggest impact - now with more possibilities for a poor financial decision to ruin everything - is to the Millennial generation that suffers ignorance at the hands of institutional learning. Randy continues this thought by focusing on schooling doesn't present real world practicality, yet the pressure is real. No one teaches you how to balance a checkbook, build credit, get out of debt, or to plan for a successful financial future.

Join Turg and Randy as they continue their discussion about the importance of financial wisdom at 30.


Join Turg and Randy Z as they dive into the first in a series of shows dedicated to talking about the dynamics of finances and making the right financial decisions, how to manage your expectations for the big moments that matter, why these moments shape the rest of our 30s and...

Are we too caught up with finances at 30?

Turg and Randy discuss the impact of financial decisions in their lives while discussing Turgs recent Hamilton ticket purchase. How do these big buys really hurt us financially? What things must we consider before taking the hit on a milestone life purchase? Turg talks about the value of buying what we want and what makes us happy - focusing primarily on experiences. He argues that experiences last a lifetime, while a tangible buy might lose its allure after a few uses. He justifies his Hamilton ticket purchase as more of a life event and a coming of age of sorts as before he could never even dream of being able to afford something like this. Randy talks about a missed experience that parallels Turg's Hamilton story. Do experiences really mean more for us - as Millennials - in the longer term? How can we justify their impact? Truth is, the Millennial generation has single-handedly resurrected the music festival scene. This serves as proof that a resurgent mindset focused on the value of an experience matters a lot to Millennials.


Join Turg and Randy Z as they share stories about the experiences in our lives that are often unexpected and can sometimes catch us off guard, focusing on the experiences we set out to explore and how sometimes they fail to materialize into anything close to what we anticipated and...

Did you catch that moment?

If you didn't catch the moment full of laughter at around the 6 minute mark of this episode, it gave us a little glimpse into the true nature of why the guys decided to premier this episode. Life is sometimes unpredictable. What sometimes feels natural to say or do might not always fall in line with what was originally intended. The beginning of the episode - as Randy alluded to - was supposed to start off with a completely different anecdote and yet the more natural progression threw Randy for a loop.


Join Turg and Randy Z as they recap and rundown their year talking about what they have (and haven't done) almost three-quarters through the year while trying to set themselves up to have a successful year-end and killer 2018 for the podcast and their personal goals.

What has 2017 looked like this far?

Randy talks about the huge successes he has had for the year despite his falling short on certain personal goals. When expectations are met with success, it serves to motivate and drive progress in other aspects of our lives. Turg talks about how he thought 2017 was going to be a shit year with all that was going on in the world around us. Fortunately for him, he was wrong. For both Turg and Randy, getting a lot accomplished came down to being organized and holding themselves accountable.


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