Join Turg and Randy Z are visited again by their guest Obioma Okonko -  entrepreneur and co-founder of the Teachers Lounge 90210 in Los Angeles - as they discuss career changes in your thirties and they discover how starting over for Millennials is a lot more common than they thought as well as…


We finally learn about our guest Obi and what makes him so unique. Obi shares his journey throughout his career and helps us learn more about his endeavors from teaching to IT to teaching professionals how to use new systems.

How do you take advice? Did you get advice growing up that helped you change the course of your future?

Obi talks about how he set up a business focused on helping college students navigate their finances through their journey to graduation. Turg, Randy and Obi discuss how advice is taken when we’re younger and how you never learn by hearing – you learn by doing. Randy thinks it all depends on the strength of that advice that helps send the message across.