Join Turg and Randy Z as they explore another topic featured in the Netflix Original Series "Master of None" as they go back to Season One Episode Two and talk about the one thing that most 30-somethings can't seem to wrap their heads around - parenting - and...

Why are kids so scary?

Randy talks about his trip to San Diego and why it was so significant for him. This sets the stage for what comes about as a random conversation into parenting and Turg and Randy get to talking about kids. That’s where Randy’s true, deep-rooted fears surface; Randy doesn’t think he can face the fact of whether he can hack it as a parent.

In Master of None Season 1 Episode 2 there is a strong underlying theme of trying to figure out the next step to take in one’s 30s. The biggest dilemma is always around starting a family and having kids. Does this need to be a thing? Turg relates to this episode as he talks through the early years (still on-going) of parenting and how he struggled to come to terms with his new role in life. A lot of what is shown in this episode of Master of None can be mirrored in thought by millions of people out there – so why is this concept still so foreign? Turg argues that it is because you won’t know it until you’ve lived it. Turg also thinks that it changes the way people perceive their own self and self-worth, but cautions it really has a lot to do with preconceptions and pre-existing disposition.