Join Turg and Randy Z as they revisit the next episode in the Netflix Original Series "Master of None" - Season Two Episode Five - The Dinner Party and discuss if relationships that form under curious circumstances are legitimately worth pursuing or if those feelings should be left undisturbed or...

Do you disturb the balance of love and tip the scales in your favor if you really feel a connection to that person?

Turg and Randy discuss their encounters with the balance of love. Looking at relationships from the perspective of a time commitment, is it right to let everything you've invested - time, emotion, life experiences - go to waste for something new? If you're in a committed relationship and encounter a new love, do you pursue it? When others rely on the other person - in a friendship - to be true to their emotions without having it interfere with the outcome of a current relationship, it doesn't always go as planned. Whether or not this has happened to us on our journey through life, it's often difficult to predict how things will play out. There are just too many variables left unaccounted for in these types of situations to know what you would do in that circumstance.