Join Turg and Randy Z as they catch up from a brief recording hiatus (that you would have never known about had we not mentioned it here) and discuss the next episode in the Netflix Original Series "Master of None" - Season Two Episode Six – New York, I Love You and hone in on not only what this episode meant in the actual scheme of things – but on a deeper level – why this episode meant so much to the guys and…

If you whack someone on the head with a metal water bottle, do they make a sound?

Randy shares a story about his travels and one instance in particular that sounds quite intriguing. The guys talk more in depth about how travel really is - in a sense - forces humanity to disconnect. Often times we overlook the circumstances that surround us in that point in time and walk through life with blinders on. But what this episode of Master of None really helped us appreciate was the way the story was told. Turg shares his experiences when feeling the lack of humanity at an airport made him introspect at how impersonal everything really is. Where is the human element? Why do we think our shit matters more than anyone else's shit? Are we really that self absorbed of a society and just disconnect when we see something that doesn't suit our personal preference?