Join Turg and Randy Z as they try and figure out why Randy's car is infested and talk about why making a conscious decision to walk away from something - either an opportunity or a person, place or thing - coupled with chance circumstances really resonated with them in the Netflix Original Series Master of None - Season Two Episode Seven– Door #3 and...

When you're presented with several opportunities in life, how do you decide?

Randy gives us a single strand of wisdom in saying the grass is always greener. Then he comes back with "The grass is greener where you water it." Turg doesn't really understand, so Randy elaborates a bit more to help his buddy out. There are situations that are surrounded by so much circumstance, they don't always have the opportunity to manifest themselves. In some cases, we can see this and decide to just walk away because it's not right for us. Turg and Randy parallel this to the proposition presented to Dev in this episode. Turg doesn't understand why Dev would walk away from something he's always viewed as the ultimate dream. Dev may, in fact, struggle with having enough foresight or commitment to actually endure the difficult situation. Randy thinks - career wise - it was a good decision. So how do the guys relate to this move?