Join Turg and Randy Z as they dissect the importance of mental health in our 30s since being 30 comes with the increased focus on career success, the shifting priorities that include new family obligations and substantial changes in schedules and overall aspirations 

Is taking a break from the normalcy of life necessary?

Turg gets selfish and talks about his recent vacation and what it felt like to truly step away and disconnect. He feels that this helped him recharge and connect with his wife and gave him a renewed appreciation for the things in his life. Randy talks about how he still gets awesome paid vacations - just like back in college. These are the kinds of opportunities that keep us refreshed and drive our optimal performance throughout every aspect of our lives. Step back and take a breath; Turg talks about the contrast between ambitions and relaxation and how they cannot co-exist in the world in which we live. Randy identifies this reality, but doesn't observe this mindset as it is not a viable way of maintaining his lifestyle.