Join Turg and Randy Z as they try and figure out why Randy's car is infested and talk about why making a conscious decision to walk away from something - either an opportunity or a person, place or thing - coupled with chance circumstances really resonated with them in the Netflix Original Series Master of None - Season Two Episode Seven– Door #3 and...

When you're presented with several opportunities in life, how do you decide?

Randy gives us a single strand of wisdom in saying the grass is always greener. Then he comes back with "The grass is greener where you water it." Turg doesn't really understand, so Randy elaborates a bit more to help his buddy out. There are situations that are surrounded by so much circumstance, they don't always have the opportunity to manifest themselves. In some cases, we can see this and decide to just walk away because it's not right for us. Turg and Randy parallel this to the proposition presented to Dev in this episode. Turg doesn't understand why Dev would walk away from something he's always viewed as the ultimate dream. Dev may, in fact, struggle with having enough foresight or commitment to actually endure the difficult situation. Randy thinks - career wise - it was a good decision. So how do the guys relate to this move?


Join Turg and Randy Z as they catch up from a brief recording hiatus (that you would have never known about had we not mentioned it here) and discuss the next episode in the Netflix Original Series "Master of None" - Season Two Episode Six – New York, I Love You and hone in on not only what this episode meant in the actual scheme of things – but on a deeper level – why this episode meant so much to the guys and…

If you whack someone on the head with a metal water bottle, do they make a sound?

Randy shares a story about his travels and one instance in particular that sounds quite intriguing. The guys talk more in depth about how travel really is - in a sense - forces humanity to disconnect. Often times we overlook the circumstances that surround us in that point in time and walk through life with blinders on. But what this episode of Master of None really helped us appreciate was the way the story was told. Turg shares his experiences when feeling the lack of humanity at an airport made him introspect at how impersonal everything really is. Where is the human element? Why do we think our shit matters more than anyone else's shit? Are we really that self absorbed of a society and just disconnect when we see something that doesn't suit our personal preference? 


Join Turg and Randy Z as they revisit the next episode in the Netflix Original Series "Master of None" - Season Two Episode Five - The Dinner Party and discuss if relationships that form under curious circumstances are legitimately worth pursuing or if those feelings should be left undisturbed or...

Do you disturb the balance of love and tip the scales in your favor if you really feel a connection to that person?

Turg and Randy discuss their encounters with the balance of love. Looking at relationships from the perspective of a time commitment, is it right to let everything you've invested - time, emotion, life experiences - go to waste for something new? If you're in a committed relationship and encounter a new love, do you pursue it? When others rely on the other person - in a friendship - to be true to their emotions without having it interfere with the outcome of a current relationship, it doesn't always go as planned. Whether or not this has happened to us on our journey through life, it's often difficult to predict how things will play out. There are just too many variables left unaccounted for in these types of situations to know what you would do in that circumstance.


Join Turg and Randy Z as they discuss more dating culture from a new perspective, fueled by the Netflix Original Series "Master of None" Season Two Episode Four titled First Date relationship in the world of love and...

Social media then versus now – what are your desires?

Turg asks Randy how he uses social media now as opposed to back in the day when it first came out. What are we doing differently now that the social media climate has completely changed? Randy gives some insight into how he used social media to try to form connections and turn something hopeful into something real. Unfortunately, it took a while for it to really work out. Turg makes the statement – somethings some things can be presumed or even misunderstood when conducting electronic interactions.


Join Turg and Randy Z as they discuss the core topics portrayed in one of the more controversial episodes featured in the new season of the Netflix Original Series "Master of None" Season Two Episode Three about Religion and...

Turg shares a moment in his life where reflection and religion meet and allow him to dive deep into his inner-most thoughts and emotions. When we actively disrupt life around us, do we acknowledge how it affects those sharing in those moments; when we judge others, do we know we are doing it? Turg asks the question, “Why do we judge others?”. The guys discuss how judging is more societal and gets into the deeper issues we might have within our inner struggle rather than serve as a reflection of our character. Randy discusses how judging might not be a negative in some regards and in a low minority of instances can serve different purposes.

Your thirties serve to be the core foundational years of who you will be for the remainder of your life.

Turg and Randy discuss how the thirties are more structurally important times that help build foundations and support that carry everyone through to the next level. These foundations serve to shape the future and our mindset going into the later years. The guys talk ‘old balls’ and what they really mean in the grand scheme of things. Religion is a large part of foundations as – regardless of where we are in life now – religion has had a hand in shaping our mindset and worldview.


Join Turg and Randy Z as they rehash loves lost and discover more about their past as they dive into another relationship filled discussion that touches on themes touched on in the Netflix Original Series "Master of None" Season Two Episode Two and kick it off with...

How long was your longest relationship?


Randy thinks back to his longest lasting relationship and reflects upon why it lasted as long as it did. Turg thinks relationships that consume over a decade and go no where are more a waste of time than a benefit. Plus, they probably destroy a lot of your confidence more than help build experience. Randy wants to travel to Italy and ride Vespas in white linen suits for his dream bachelor party. Why? Because Master of None is pure inspiration and provides him with a soundtrack to his life.


Join Turg and Randy Z as they explore another topic featured in the Netflix Original Series "Master of None" as they go back to Season One Episode Two and talk about the one thing that most 30-somethings can't seem to wrap their heads around - parenting - and...

Why are kids so scary?

Randy talks about his trip to San Diego and why it was so significant for him. This sets the stage for what comes about as a random conversation into parenting and Turg and Randy get to talking about kids. That’s where Randy’s true, deep-rooted fears surface; Randy doesn’t think he can face the fact of whether he can hack it as a parent.

In Master of None Season 1 Episode 2 there is a strong underlying theme of trying to figure out the next step to take in one’s 30s. The biggest dilemma is always around starting a family and having kids. Does this need to be a thing? Turg relates to this episode as he talks through the early years (still on-going) of parenting and how he struggled to come to terms with his new role in life. A lot of what is shown in this episode of Master of None can be mirrored in thought by millions of people out there – so why is this concept still so foreign? Turg argues that it is because you won’t know it until you’ve lived it. Turg also thinks that it changes the way people perceive their own self and self-worth, but cautions it really has a lot to do with preconceptions and pre-existing disposition.


Join Turg and Randy Z as they explore the first of many topics found in the Netflix Original Series "Master of None" as they start off with Season Two Episode One focusing on the main theme of missed connections and find out why the conversation doesn't always start off with anything relevant to the production notes because...

What’s in a wedding anyway?

Randy entertains a memory about a bachelor party and missing an opportunity to meet a girl who called herself “Undertity”. Turg shares his experience being a part of a wedding party as a married man. What’s so different, you ask? Keep listening to find out – Dick Chicken makes an appearance on the show as antics ensue. Also, find out why a bridesmaid knows a little too much about what she thinks goes on at bachelor parties. Randy gets real - so you're at a wedding and you meet someone you really hit it off with - but you forget to grab the contact information.


Join Turg and Randy Z are visited again by their guest Obioma Okonko -  entrepreneur and co-founder of the Teachers Lounge 90210 in Los Angeles - as they discuss career changes in your thirties and they discover how starting over for Millennials is a lot more common than they thought as well as…


We finally learn about our guest Obi and what makes him so unique. Obi shares his journey throughout his career and helps us learn more about his endeavors from teaching to IT to teaching professionals how to use new systems.

How do you take advice? Did you get advice growing up that helped you change the course of your future?

Obi talks about how he set up a business focused on helping college students navigate their finances through their journey to graduation. Turg, Randy and Obi discuss how advice is taken when we’re younger and how you never learn by hearing – you learn by doing. Randy thinks it all depends on the strength of that advice that helps send the message across.


Join Turg and Randy Z and their guest Obioma Okonko -  entrepreneur and co-founder of the Teachers Lounge 90210 in Los Angeles - as they address the most hot button topic in the dating world for those romantics and realists alike - Ghosting - as well as...

Have you ever been ghosted? Did you even know you were ghosted?

Ghosting is the art of backing out of a relationship without telling the other person you're intentions. So the guys argue that Millennial generation are the culprits of ghost-style communication when it comes to relationships. Turg argues this is the absolute most fucked up someone can be toward another person. Closure is important for humans and emotional stability. How do you improve without closure?

Turg thinks there are two scenarios behind ghosting, but Randy says there are more. Tune in to join the conversation!


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