Join Turg and Randy Z as they discuss the core topics portrayed in one of the more controversial episodes featured in the new season of the Netflix Original Series "Master of None" Season Two Episode Three about Religion and...

Turg shares a moment in his life where reflection and religion meet and allow him to dive deep into his inner-most thoughts and emotions. When we actively disrupt life around us, do we acknowledge how it affects those sharing in those moments; when we judge others, do we know we are doing it? Turg asks the question, “Why do we judge others?”. The guys discuss how judging is more societal and gets into the deeper issues we might have within our inner struggle rather than serve as a reflection of our character. Randy discusses how judging might not be a negative in some regards and in a low minority of instances can serve different purposes.

Your thirties serve to be the core foundational years of who you will be for the remainder of your life.

Turg and Randy discuss how the thirties are more structurally important times that help build foundations and support that carry everyone through to the next level. These foundations serve to shape the future and our mindset going into the later years. The guys talk ‘old balls’ and what they really mean in the grand scheme of things. Religion is a large part of foundations as – regardless of where we are in life now – religion has had a hand in shaping our mindset and worldview.