Join Turg and Randy Z as they walk down memory lane in discussing the WAY back childhood memories that may or may not have influenced their adult lives now and how they somehow paralleled to the very subtle, underlying themes in the Netflix Original Series Master of None - Season Two Episode Eight – Thanksgiving and...


Why are experiences with friends in our youth so important throughout our adulthood?

Turg shares memories from when he was a little Turg and explains his recent insights into his experiences as a child and why he thinks he was stuck in a cultural dilemma growing up. He tries to draw parallels or conclusions to what he remembers, but finds it difficult to understand why things were the way they were. He comes to the conclusion that when we are younger we don't really have the capacity to explain or even understand the way things are. But after we grow up, we have the ability to analyze a lot of what was experienced in our early lives. Do we think about these things objectively or subjectively?

That may lead us to think that these memories may influence the way we perceive our childhood as adults. Maybe these scenarios change to accommodate our inability to cope with certain things as adults. It's something that everyone ponders. Will we ever really know the answer? Randy mentions that he judges how well-off someone is by the lighting quality and how loud their appliances are. We all have our ways of analyzing our environment. How do you do it?