Join Turg and Randy Z as they get down to business talking about the perceptions that surround love and relationships, ideas featured in the Netflix Original Series Master of None - Season Two Episode Seven– Door #3 and...

Have you ever thought you have been in love with someone for the wrong reasons? 

Wasting no time, Turg fires this question over to Randy, challenging him to recall all of his past relationships and reflect on if he has falsely fallen in love. Randy quickly answers. While he has always found the time to reflect on his past relationships, he knows there were some issues, but never love for the wrong reasons. He brings up something the guys have touched on before - finding someone that challenges you to be the best you. Randy mentions how he's never been in a relationship where he's felt the need to be his best self. It may be hard to believe, but sometimes relationships are formed around lifestyle choices and convenience rather than growth and mature love.